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8 Travel Resolutions for 2013


Charging into 2013
Bells Beach, Australia, Feb 2012

The first week of the year panned out typically in New York. The subway cars refilled with refreshed commuters heading back to work, the flow of things resumed, and every elliptical on the island of Manhattan seemed busied by a determined new sports club member.

In New York and beyond, people resolved to take steps towards their  visions of happiness: better health, more love, and more success.

I think resolutions are beautiful expressions, and can be made any time of year.

My resolutions for 2013 are:

1. I resolve to earn revenue as a travel blogger.

2. I resolve to become a yoga teacher and teach yoga abroad.

3. I resolve to get  TESOL certified and paid work teaching English abroad.

4. I resolve to become fluent in Spanish.

Maybe they are a bit ambitious. What do you think?

Here are four more totally realistic, attainable travel resolution ideas for you to consider:

5. Resolve to make travel a priority

If you’ve only just begun to entertain the thought of traveling, or if you’ve been putting it off for years, consider resolving to make travel a priority this year. Even if you have more specific travel goals, it is essential that you first make travel a major priority to achieve them.

Think about travel. Talk about travel. Write about travel. Read about travel. TRAVEL. The only way to guarantee something will get done is by bringing it to the foreground of your life.

6. Resolve to become an amazingly adventurous traveler.

If you’re like most Americans, then you might think of travel as an expensive, luxurious thing reserved for week-long family resort vacations or cruises. If you’re tired of this mindset holding you back from seeing the world, consider resolving to rethink the cost and image of travel.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive or luxurious, and you’ll have more fun, meaningful experiences when it’s not. Start reading budget travel blogs and informing yourself about things like WWOOFing, HelpX, and working abroad. Then put aside your inhibitions, face your fear of the unknown, and go travel!

7.  Resolve to start saving up.

Even if you’re convinced that traveling in 2013 is impossible for you, you can at least resolve to focus energy on saving for travel this year. With twelve months ahead of us, consider how much you could save by putting away a little at a time.

  • Put away just $50 a month and save $600 towards a domestic flight or short, budget trip for next year.
  • Put away $100 a month and save $1200 towards an international flight or used van for a road trip next year.

(Note: My personal monthly savings target has been $1,000 a month since November and I have hit it every month so far! I plan to save $6,000 by July to go travel long-term.)

8. Resolve to travel for FREE

Saving up, budgeting and paying your way around the world is the most obvious way to make travel a reality, but it isn’t the only way. Traveling for free is possible. I’m inviting you to connect to an “anything is possible” attitude, rather than a “nothing’s really free” one.

There are so many ways to travel for free. Earn free flights with a miles credit card. Hitchhike. Stay for free by using Eat for free by exchanging work or dumpster diving. You can even earn money while traveling for free by finding work along the way or monetizing your travel blog.

Resolving to travel for free all year might be ambitious, but you can start small. Perhaps resolve to plan as short as one week or even weekend of free travel this year. Or maybe resolve to apply for work as an au-pair abroad or as a cruise ship employee. Accomplishing those baby steps will empower you to take even greater leaps in 2014.

Resolve it like you mean it!

If you do decide to adopt one of my resolution suggestions, I urge you to truly commit to it. Write it down large and visible and hang it where you look every day, like over your bed or desk. Frame it. Write a contract for yourself and sign it. Then sit down with a notebook and pen and figure out the smaller steps to achieving it. Start with January. What steps can you take this month towards filling your goal? Then break it down to this  week, and even as small as today.

Believe in yourself entirely, but without getting attached to one specific outcome. Remain open to endless possibilities and revising the goal down the road. If you end up taking a different path than you originally set out on, trust that the Universe has a greater plan for you.

Good luck and happy travels in 2013!


See you out there!
Arkaroola, South Australia, June 2012

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